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Become a VIP and get the same ball that Rory plays

One dozen TaylorMade TP5x golf balls just for signing up!

Become a GolfNow VIP today for $99 annually and we’ll send you a dozen of the best golf balls on tour – the new TaylorMade TP5x! That’s the same ball Rory and Dustin use, yours just for signing up!

Become a VIP

Start your GolfNow VIP benefits today, including:

icon-no-convience-feesSpend less on every round

Pay no convenience fees on all rounds you book all year long and watch the savings add up.

icon-DoublePointsEarn free golf faster

Automatically earn 25% more GolfNow Rewards points for every player in every round.

icon-checkCancel without the hassle

Change or cancel your tee times without penalty with our Worry-Free Tee Times™, now exclusively for GolfNow VIPs.

icon-golfer-supportExclusive support and booking by phone

You’ll never have to wait thanks to a dedicated VIP phone number for your booking and support.

Become a VIP

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GolfNow VIP

GolfNow’s VIP membership offers an elevated experience plus unmatched benefits and savings.

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GolfNow Rewards

For every round of golf you book and play through GolfNow you receive 10 rewards points, or 20 rewards points for each Hot Deal round.

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Gifts for Golfers

GolfNow offers a lot of ways to give incredible gifts to every golfer in your life. Find the perfect present for any occasion.

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